Gay Cinema …. OPEN (the film)

From   actor/comedian  BRUCE HART  it’s  OPEN~




Open, the new film tells the tale of a happily married gay couple (Bruce L. Hart, Peter Szeliga) celebrating their ten year anniversary who begin to wonder if monogamy is for them. Inspired by their friends who are in an open relationship, they decide to try it too, with mostly calamitous, sometimes poignant and often hilarious results.  Says executive producer Bruce L Hart, “Open not only explores monogamy versus an open relationship, it also touches on a number of modern relationship issues, including the trials of online dating, the ‘daddy syndrome,’ fetishes, and the ongoing quest for a happy relationship–whatever that might turn out to be.”

The film also stars  top comedian  Dante Rusciolelli   and  Homo Honey and darling of the  Eating Out Series Rebekah Kochan.

The movie will be Coming soon to a streaming service  near you   Follow Bruce on Twitter    for updates!

Bruce Hart


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