Bangin’ Beats

Hey MR DJ… spin me right round….. DJ David Koonen   knows how to throw down!

From spinning in the clubs, the beaches of Ibiza   and topping the record pool charts with his remixes David espouses the title MASTER OF THE DECKS !

A bit about…

In the early 90’s, David Koonen started producing music with trackers on the Atari ST.
Moving on, he started mixing hardcore and breakbeat and spending a lot of time in the record shops.
The buzz in record shops told what was hot, was not and broadened his experience of electronic music.
He unpicked countless tracks, listening to the productions and the arrangements – discovering what was possible in mixing.
It also made him think about the things he wanted to do in producing music.

2007 saw David studying with producer Lez-Gelm with the “Cubase and mixing” course at the “Temple of Boom” studio.
Following that David and Lez-Gelm created a few trance tracks together including “On The Moon” and “Unknown Destination” (which ended up on “DJZ Club Package Vol. 16”).
In the years that followed he started working together with artists Hannu Rekilä from Finland and Martin Bianco from Amsterdam.
This resulted in 2 EP’s (“Tomorrow” and “David Koonen vs Hannubal”) at Aardvark Records.

In 2012 he got signed at Temple of Boom Recordings.
There, David and Lez-Gelm released Minimal and Tech-House tracks like “Elektrik Morse”, “Tribes” and “Didgerie Vibes” (which ended up on the album “100 Minimal & Techno Songs” by Bavaria Records).

In 2014 David started dj’ing for radio stations “Sobel Nation Radio” and “Dance World Radio”.
In that year he also created a remix of KC’s song “I Love You More” and a remix of his track “On The Moon” with vocals by Kurt Maloo (of the band Double).
Also, he started working together with German House producer Marcel Otte (Firedance, Hardformers and Division). This resulted in the EP “Loca 2015” and many remixes.

At the end of 2014, David joined Andrew Reeve as A&R manager of Dance at Aardvark Records. Together with Andrew he started expanding the Aardvark Records territory.
Not too long after that he also teamed up with dj and producer Julian Marsh and they formed the group “Koomar Beat”.
They released the EP’s “Blue Sky” and in 2016 the EP “Sweet Desire”, featuring singer Natalie Hadlow.


TIC on the links below  to hear his amazing skillz~

Didgerie Vibes in mixes by other dj’s: (and dozens of other mixes)

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